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Found by Fox - Vehicle Sourcing



  • If you require to fully or part fund the purchase of your new car, Found by Fox can obtain quotes and then arrange a finance package for you
  • There are a number of finance options available (Contract Hire, Hire Purchase) and we can discuss which best suits your needs
  • Found by Fox uses three different finance companies when obtaining quotes for our clients so that you can be guaranteed of getting the best possible package
  • We can arrange finance for you whether your new car is supplied by Found by Fox or not
  • Please do contact the Found by Fox team to discuss your specific requirements


  • All new cars come with a minimum of a 3 year Manufacturers Warranty, but some cars supplied by Found by Fox do not fall within this time bracket
  • If the car you are looking for no longer has the benefit of a Manufacturers Warranty we can arrange one for your car
  • We can arrange for either an Extended Manufacturer Warranty or a Motor Care Warranty which is one of the UK’s largest warranty underwriters
  • Through Motor Car Warranties we can also arrange for a Lifetime Ownership warranty; for a one off payment your car will remain under their warranty scheme for the full period during which you own the car (subject to terms & conditions)
  • We can arrange a warranty for you whether your new car is supplied by Found by Fox or not
  • Please do contact the Found by Fox team to discuss your requirements


  • While most modern cars are built with all of the options, accessories and toys you may want, personalisation and individuality are always high on clients’ priority lists!
  • Found by Fox can facilitate all bespoke requirements; these may include any of the following:

Exterior: full colour re-spray, colour coding wing mirrors/bumpers etc, side steps, tow bars, etc
Sound upgrades: CD/MP3/i-POD stereos, speakers, amplifiers, DVD, TV, Satellite Navigation, speed detectors, aerials
Interior: Wood kit, leather, sunroof, carpet sets, seat covers, dog guard, alarm, immobiliser
Wheels & tyres: Alloy wheel upgrades, road tyres, racing tyres, all terrain tyres, mud terrain tyres
Window tinting: Any vehicle, gradient or colour
Personalised number plates: We can arrange for your current personalised number plate to be transferred from your present car to your new car. If you wish we can source a personalised number plate for you and then arrange for its transfer.

Please do discuss any requirements you may have at any stage of the finding process, prior to delivery



Vehicle Sourcing